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First step towards healing and restoration ....

Honesty is a fundamental ingredient in life.  It comes into play majorly especially when we make mistakes in life. My quote for the week boarders around honesty in relation to these mistakes we make in life.

"Although we all make mistakes in life,  the situation could be changed if we choose to honestly look at the mistakes we have made and acknoweldge them. The problem occurs when we try to hide our mistakes, trying to cover them instead of learning from them and allowing other people to learn from our mistakes too. We need to learn to deal honestly with mistakes that we make and be responsible and accountable for them. because in not doing so, we create more problems for ourselves. 

If we live by the rule of honesty and accept that there is a problem or challenge that has come up, then we can go far down the road of achievement because then, we open doors to looking for solutions.

It all starts with honesty.

Derived from the book Think Big

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