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Follow your purpose

Going after your dream, or walking your designated path may not necessarily be easy. Today I want to share a story about someone whose dream was almost snuffed out by a teacher. Yes, a TEACHER.

When his teacher asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he wrote down on his paper that he wanted to be on TV. His teacher sarcastically asked him whether he personally knew someone on TV, to which he obviously responded no. She told the boy he was being smart and wrote a note and stuck it on him telling his mother that he was being unreasonable. His Mom told his father. 
Instead of reprimanding him, his father told him to take out that paper he had written and read it everyday! 
Wise man his father was! The boy chose to believe his father and not his teacher. 
When he first started telling jokes he didn’t know what he was doing. He used to write jokes for a friend who was doing stand-up. His friend encouraged him to tell the jokes himself because he was really funny. His friend invited him to the comedy club and when he got there and heard his name, he thought to himself how crazy it was that someone else there had his full name. Anyway, he went up and said, “I ain’t even supposed to be here right now”. He got some laughs and after that's how it began. 
He won amateur night, and got $50. He cried all the way home that night because he realized the second most important day of his life had just happened; he learned why he was born! He made another choice in his life that helped him! He believed his friend who said he could be a comedian rather than his boss Tom who said he couldn’t. 

Well 30 years later after his teacher disapproved of his dream, Steve Harvey ended up on TV! And guess what he did? Before his sixth grade teacher died he sent her a Flatscreen TV every year so she wouldn’t miss him. Today who doesn’t know Steve Harvey? He’s got his own show on Tv, got books under his belt, I mean he is very successful.

Frank Sinatra said it best when he said, “the best revenge is massive success”.

Be careful whose words you believe; avoid dream snuffers, and don't to be a dream snuffer yourself. 

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