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Results Don’t Lie

You must have heard the saying, "do today what no one else wants to do so that you can have tomorrow what no one else will have". That right there is one pillar of success. Unfortunately most people don't get it and they think that success is something you achieve in a day. How wrong!

Success is the sum total of small (correct) actions done consitently, persistently with accuracy and excellence which over a period of time build up to be something huge. Something called Success. Those little actions put together can either make or break someone's future. If you are consistent in doing negative actions, eventually the results will be negative. If you are consistent in positive actions, the results will be positive.

You can't sow a mango and expect to reap a melon. You reap what you sow. If you sow laziness, then you will reap the sure fruits of laziness. If you sow hardwork and diligence, then eventually the fruits will show.

Unless you inherited your wealth, no one gets wealthy without putting in the work. And even if you inherited that wealth, you still have to continue working in order to maintain your status quo. Work in this case may not be menial, but it coult be mental. Either way, it is still work.

So the next time you see someone holidaying or vacationing or just enjoying themselves somewhere, instead of pointing fingers at him or her ask yourself how much work they had to put in for them to afford that holiday. It could have been savings they have done for a period of 5 years, maybe saving $200 every month for 5 years. The next time you see someone driving a mean machine on the road, ask yourself how much work went into affording that machine (assuming it was not a gift or on loan). The next time you see someone who has USD 5B in their account, before you call them money launderers ask yourself how many hours they used to sleep a night before they achieved that.

It takes hard work, persistence, tears, frustrations, failing and falling down numerous times for someone to become successful. Success is not a straight line graph, it is more like a maze where majority of the times the line can't be seen but when it finally surfaces, it goes up and stays there. Until the next level of success commences and the madness begins all over again.

Seen someone successful? What you see is just a tip of the iceberg. The main part (work) is hidden under the water. True success requires a sacrifice in every area of your life.

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