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  • Wed, 27th Jun 2012
    One of my greatest hobbies is driving long distance. It is therapeutic for me, and though many might say it is dangerous to drive when annoyed or stressed, for me it works magic any time. It is important to note though that its not just any car that works for me; don’t give me a Toyota Vitz, or a Probox and expect me to enjoy that drive… that will probably stress me more. In short, the car must... [Continue reading]
  • Wed, 27th Jun 2012
    Someone once said that you don’t need to be in class for you to learn a thing or two… how true this is! Lessons come our way every single day, regardless of where we are at, or who we are with at that precise moment. Question is, how often do we retain the lessons we learn? It is with this question in mind that I have decided to write a post consolidating the lessons that have stood out for me... [Continue reading]
  • Wed, 27th Jun 2012
    The other day I was at home and had the luxury of watching a movie starring an animal… an elephant called Bo Tat to be precise. Name of the movie is Operation Dumbo Drop; quite a hilarious movie….. or maybe I appreciated it a lot because of  Bo Tat… She was actually quite funny, and she happened to be the only female in the entire cast.... :-) Just to give you a summary, the movie is about a... [Continue reading]
  • Tue, 26th Jun 2012
    I don't know about you but sometimes life can be so *tiring* for lack of another word to use! However, like I discovered, it is not until you reach a point where you decide "I am sick and tired of being sick and tired" that you make the necessary changes to your life.... One of the greatest motivational speakers of our time, Les Brown, shares with us how you can do this...
  • Tue, 26th Jun 2012
    They say a change is as good as a rest and so for me, when I am tired, I stop doing what I was doing before and look for another distraction. One of the distractions I enjoy is reading clean wholesome jokes as a way of relaxing my mind. I recently stambled upon an interesting joke which I have shared with you here below: A guy from England, named John, had just arrived in New York for the first... [Continue reading]
  • Sun, 17th Jun 2012
    The first half of 2012 is almost gone. How are your New Year resolutions coming along? Or are you  still trying to work on last year’s resolutions? Whatever the case, the past is gone never to come back; you can decide to have a New Year any time you decide to. It’s all a matter of attitude. Speaking of attitude, have you ever realized that the attitude you wear each morning when you wake up... [Continue reading]
  • Tue, 27th Mar 2012
    On Friday 11th March is a day I will never forget. I did what the street lingo in Kenya would term as “roundi-mwenda”…. I air-crossed this beautiful country called Tanzania like my life depended on it. If you are one of my friends on facebook, you must have seen my status message which read something like this: “Woke up in Dar, had breakfast in Arusha, lunch at Kilimanjaro and mid-afternoon tea... [Continue reading]