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You Network Is Your Net Worth

90% of the things I have accomplished in my adult life are as a result of being linked to someone who has been instrumental in helping me achieve them. Either they directed me to the right person(s) or they advised me on the right way to approach the issue at hand.

I have gotten great positive results 100% of the times I have gone to visit someone after being introduced to them by a person with a higher authority or someone with a higher clout than them. Now whether this is done willingly or grudgingly that's another story all together.

This is the power of a network. So here are my thoughts about creating a (winning) network.... 

We all need someone with broader shoulders (figuratively speaking) on whom to stand in order to see further than we can when standing on our own.

I have read lots of books (still reading) listened to many successful people and even met some in person, but I am yet to meet anyone who has made it to the top just by themselves without the help of someone else. No successful person is self-made, meaning, no one does it alone. Yes the ideas may have been theirs but in implementing them, they all confess that they had the assistance of other people. 

Who you associate yourself with determines how fast and high you will rise in your business, your profession, your career, your spirituality, your personal life.... basically, everything about you. 

A healthy network brings about a wealthy net worth. The reverse is also true. That's why you need to choose your network wisely.

In the words of Tim Sanders,"Your Network is your Net Worth".

Be Ignited. Be Inspired. Be Influenced. Become the best version of yourself you can ever be.


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