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You are your own vehicle to your purpose

Forget about the bike; just looking at it makes me feel like going for my riding gear and riding this beauty for the next several hours. What a beauty! Anyway, I digress.

Everything you’ll ever want in life begins with you. The day I realized that if I want something achieved I have to achieve it myself, that is the day I realized I have no one to blame for where I am except for ME.

Similarly, the day you realize that you are the only one who can take you where you desire to go, that is the day you will stop blaming people and situations and instead focus and doing what you know you should do in order to get to your destiny.

Questions for you….

~ Do you know your PURPOSE?

~ Have you activated your PURPOSE?

~ Does that purpose ignite a PASSION in you to achieve it [the purpose]?

~ Does that purpose influence your decisions, or the path you follow and/or the choices you make in life?

If your PURPOSE is strong enough, it will stir up a PASSION so deep that no matter what happens along the way, you will tough it out until you reach your destination i.e. DESTINY.

Destiny can never be attained in absentia. In the same way you can't have a haircut on phone, or a massage via Facetime, you have to be there in person to make your destiny happen. 

Remember, getting to your destiny is like having a haircut; you can’t send someone with your head to get it done. You’ve got to pay the price of going to the barber’s yourself. It all begins with you.

May your purpose ignite that fire that will inspire you to go after your destiny, causing you to become an influencer in your space.

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