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When you are young, Earn to Learn

In other words, when you are young, work for the experience not for the pay cheque. Once you have accumulated all the skills and experience you can in your area of focus, then you can start calling the shots but until then, earn to learn.

Remember yesterday I did mention that one of the keys to success is reading informative materials. Now, if you read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, there is a chapter in the book that talks about the philosophy of working to learn. Many people don’t understand it but it is an integral part of your journey to living your purpose successfully. 

It doesn’t matter how many years you spend in college but there are some things you will never learn or internalize properly until you are in an environment where you will put what you have learnt into practice. 

Take for example driving a car; it doesn’t matter how good you are in theory the day you drive on the road you will realize theory is very different from real life experience. 

The same is true with every other area of you life; you can read as much as you can but until you put whatever you have read into practice, it is very unlikely that you will become an expert in that area. 

So, to all the young people who might be reading this post, don’t let money be the reason for you getting a job. Be strategic in the jobs you apply for; let your aim be acquiring some hands-on experience in your areas of interest. 

If you can’t get a job easily, then offer yourself as a volunteer in the organization of your interest and guess what, the day an opportunity falls open in the company guess who will be considered first? 

My advice; build your abilities first then you will attract opportunities to build your bank account.

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