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Use it or lose it.

Ever sat on your leg for a long time, or folded your hands for a long time without stretching them? What happens when you eventually stretch? Pins and needles, right? That is because our bodies were not created to stay immobile for long. 
That’s why you’ll fall asleep in one position, but when you wake up you find yourself sleeping in a different position, not necessarily because you were having a bad dream but because your body can’t stay in one position for long. Your brain unconsciously moves it. 
Well, I’m not a doctor, but that’s my story and I’m going to stick to it.
Did you know that your brain is a muscle too, and that it needs regular exercise, otherwise it becomes weak and eventually withers and becomes useless? Yes. Contrary to what people think, the more you use your brain, the stronger it becomes. The brain is not like a bar of soap which slowly diminishes as you use it. It is more like a seedling; the more you take care of it (by using it), the bigger it grows.
In exercising the other muscles of the body, we lift weights or go out jogging, but for the brain, we do a different kind of weight lifting....

  • Reading is one of the exercises that will strengthen your brain.
  • Thinking is another exercise that will strengthen your brain.
  • Engaging in intelligent conversations is another way of strengthening your brain.
  • Listening to motivational speakers or audio books is another way of strengthening your brain.
  • Creative writing is another brain exercise. 
  • Engaging in mental games e.g. chess, scrabble, etc is a nice way of exercising your brain.

Unfortunately majority of people don’t like engaging in brain exercises, and that’s why you find the world having so many problems because many people have simply refused to THINK, READ, WRITE and CREATE.
Imagine what would happen if all the 7B human beings on planet earth were to apply the above exercises for the brain. 
In the words of Stephen King, “the brain is a muscle that can move the world”.

7B people exercising their brains, that would be immense power!

PS: what you don’t use you eventually lose.

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