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Think It, Ink It

For any building to get built, it starts from a vision, or what we call the building’s blue print. This is a plan that shows the owner of the building every single detail of the proposed building, down to the minutest detail. 

The building starts with an idea (think it) in the mind which is then translated into a visual (ink it), which then leads the people concerned to put all the relevant plans in place before real work begins. While the work is going on, as the building owner, what you say is what you see i.e. If you confess negativity, you get negativity back. If you stay positive, then you will reap the fruits of positivity. Lastly, you live to see your completed building.

The same case should apply to your life. Unfortunately most people wake up and just go through each day without a vision or a reason for the life they have. What happened to all the dreams you had inside of you? If you ever want to see any of them become a reality, you have to start by having them  well documented by inking them, then planning how to make them happen, then working out the plan you put in place, and staying positive, avoiding any negative comments about your dreams and eventually, you will see them and live them.

So give yourself permission to dream, write your dream on paper, put a plan of realizing your dream, work that plan like your life depends on it (because it does), make positive declarations upon your dream and you will realize it eventually. Then step out and Live your dream.

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