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There Is What You Must Do...

We are already in the second week of this quarter, which also happens to be the second week of the month of April. What would you say you have done differently from the fourteen weeks that have already passed so far? 

Well, here's something I 'd like to share with us this week. 

For you (and I) to move on to another level, few things must happen:

  1. There is who we must be or not be
  2. There is what we must do 
  3. There is what we must stop
  4. There is who we must drop

There is who you must be: You cannot expect to become the CEO of an organization while you have the mentality of a fifth grader. Whatever level you want to ascend into has to be accompanied by your growth into that level.

There is what you must do: Like I always say, what brought you here will not take you further. For you to move from here to the next level, you need to grow yourself, you need to have something of value that you will be taking with you to the next level, otherwise why bother trying to climb higher? Do something every day that adds value to YOU.

Consider this; there is no way you can go to university unless you have first gone through the process of nursery school, pre-primary, primary, secondary then high school. At every stage, there is what you must have learned so you can move on to the next class, and unless you pass that specific class, you can rest assured you will not move on to the next class, regardless of your age!

Unfortuntely so many people are stuck in "primary school" when it comes to their potential because they know advancing to the higher levels requires alot of input. There's time, there's sacrifice, there's commitment, there's dedication, there's choices, there's tears, there's sweat and sometimes there is both physical and mental pain. To avoid the discomfort of going through all that, they opt to remain mediocre in life, not accomplishing the great things they were born to accomplish.

There is what you must stop: There is no shortcut to success, neither is there one to living up to your full potential. There is a sacrifice to be made every step of the way. There is discipline required every step of the way. There is growth required every step. All these requirements are designed to make you stop doing certain things and start doing the right things. 

There is what you must drop: Success is not for everyone, though it is available to everyone. It is only for those who can afford to pay the price required to attain it. It is for those who are willing to let go of their old selves in order to grow into better people. It also requires that you travel light; baggage is not allowed on the success flight. Baggage in this case could be anything from fears and bad experiences from your past, wrong friends, bad habits, etc. All these you must drop if you want to see succcess.


  1. There is who we must be or not be
  2. There is what we must do 
  3. There is what we must stop
  4. There is who we must drop

Success is something you attract by the person you become. 

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