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Success is like a Meal

For a chef to make a buffet meal and have it ready for his guests to indulge, a lot goes into the preparation of the food. First, he has to know who his guests are and whether they are vegetarian or non-veggie. This information helps him prepare the menu items. Once he has the menu items, the next step is to find the ingredients needed, the tools (such as pots and pans) he will need to prepare the meal, not forgetting the cutlery he will need to serve the meal.
Knowing all these details will help him prepare stuff in advance which ensures he doesn’t leave out any important element of the meal. He also knows how much time he will need to prepare the meal since he already knows what to prepare and how long it will take.
The same case applies to success.
Just like a meal does not just happen, success doesn’t just happen either. Success is the result of meticulous preparation, proper blending of all the required ingredients such as resilience, dedication, discipline, passion, focus, integrity, purpose, proper processes, knowledge, skills, wisdom, endurance, and many others. 
In the same way a chef has to be very keen when preparing a meal to ensure it doesn’t over or under cook, or worse still he doesn’t burn it, it is the same way we have to be careful when approaching success.
But there is one very important thing we should never forget; in the same way you can’t survive on one meal for the rest of your life, success is not something you do once. 
That is why I agree with whoever said success is a journey, it is a process that never quite ends. Every successful step you make should make you hunger for the next meal (successful step). Don’t take too long enjoying your current state of satisfaction (success/victory). 
Remember, another meal awaits you to devour.


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