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Run your own race

Not sure how true it is but I have heard it said that no two people have the same finger prints; not even identical twins. I guess this goes to prove the one thing that many people still don’t get; we are all unique!

This means everything about you, everything about your destiny was made specifically with you in mind. This means that only you can walk the path you were destined to walk and become successful. The beauty of this is that if you are following the path you were meant to follow, though there will be challenges along the way, somehow the universe will work with you ensuring that you still have the passion and the persistence to follow through with your dream. 

But if you opt to take a different path, then you will get insurmountable challenges that will eventually discourage you until you quit. To put it bluntly, the universe will conspire against you; it will frustrate you.

Just like a fish is best suited to do wonders when it is in water, you are best suited to perform wonders when you are following your purpose. 

Just like a fish dies when it is out of water, you will eventually die if you are put out of your purpose. That is why we have so many people who die at the age of 25 but don’t get buried until 50 years later. Following the wrong path kills the spirit.

One of the reasons why people follow the wrong path is comparing themselves with others. Realize that there is no one else like you and there is no one who can take your place if you don’t! 

So stop trying to imitate others and be the best version of you that you can ever be. 
Stop comparing yourself with others for you know not what their race is about! 
Like someone said, stop comparing your chapter 1 with someone else’s chapter 20. It is possible that their book may have several chapters while yours only has 5 powerful chapters.

Run your own race, at your own pace, on your own lane.

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