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Ripple Effect

Some peple are so negative that every time they say something it affects all those around them negatively. Those are the kind of people to be avoided; they are toxic.
Their negativity is so strong that it causes more crippled minds instead of creating ripples of positivity all around them. 
To such people I say this; if you can’t say anything positive then please don’t say it at all.
Use your mouth to cause ripples of positivity in the sea of life. 
Be a ripple causer....

  • Cause ripples of joy and happiness.
  • Cause ripples of positive energy.
  • Cause ripples of possibilities. 
  • Cause ripples of peace and harmony. 
  • Cause ripples of blessings. 
  • Cause ripples of innovation and creativity. 
  • Cause ripples of unity and togetherness. 
  • Cause ripples of Love and affection. 
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