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Preparation Time

When a woman conceives, her body changes as the pregnancy grows. She experiences several discomforts and changes in her body all throughout her pregnancy, and when D-Day finally comes, she goes through the ultimate test of being a woman: childbirth


Today I was thinking and I realized that our destinies and purposes in life are more like being pregnant. Everyone knows that for a woman to carry her pregnancy successfully, she has to be prepared for the changes she is going to experience physically. Similarly, if you want to go through the process of realizing your destiny successfully, you have to prepare yourself or the  challenges up ahead.


A woman goes through many challenges while she is pregnant. You too will go through many challenges while pursuing your destiny. Question is, are you ready and willing to go through all that for the sake of giving birth to your given purpose?


Preparation is never an enjoyable process, but its fruits are sweet when you start enjoying them. Start enjoying your preparation time. It will bring about the Transformation you need for you to be ready to receive your baby.

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