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For Once, Satisfy Your Cravings

Every so often I get some unexpected cravings for some of the most ridiculous things; a boiled egg, stir-fried veggies with lots of hot red chilli, lemon grass tea with deep fried cassava douced in home-made chili sause, etc. 

And then there are those moments I crave some juicy tenderized steak, marinated in different spices and flavours and prepared as per my craving for that day i.e. either fried, stewed, boiled or grilled. Whatever the case the end result is always finger-licking good.

But here's the thing; for me to address my steak craving, I have to do something about it. I have to go to the market to get all the ingredients I need, then I have to spend some considerable amount of time in the kitchen preparing ingredients for the marinade, then there's pounding the meat if necessary, then applying the marinade on the meat and letting it marinate for a while depending on the meat. Then when I feel the meat is ready for cooking, I start the process of cooking as per my craving.

When ready, I'll serve it with either potato wedges, or mashed bananas or potatoes, or veggie rice, not forgetting my home-made chilli sauce and veggie salad. The only challenge is that I end up eating too much.... but after that the cravy is fully eliminated. Now I'm hungry and craving this!

Dreaming about doing something will not make it happen, but thinking through the process necessary to make your dreams come true and taking the necessary actions is what will make that dream happen. Me craving for meat but not doing anything about it will not solve my "problem". I need to do something, whether preparing it myself as I want it or burning fuel to go to a restaurant that can prepare exactly what I want. Dreaming without taking action is just wishing. In the article I wrote for my column this week, I said it clearly that whatever you want in life, you have to prepare and work for it. Nothing will be handed to you on a silver platter and if it is, then you'd better run because that is probably a trap.

At the beginning of the year you had your cravings (dreams and goals). Maybe you wanted a steak called weight loss, or a fruitcake called financial freedom, or a salad called a better relationship. Question to you is, what will you do about those cravings; will you just let them die by doing nothing about them or will you get up and work towards satisying them? If you can get up to go get a pizza at some awkward hour just because of a pizza craving, how much more should you do for the dreams you crave to see realized? 

I'd like to conclude by saying this; nothing will change for you this year if you choose to do nothing about the dreams and goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year. We have already started the 3rd week of the year; what have you done towards satisfying your cravings (dreams/goals) for this year? 

Nothing will work unless you work for it. It's time to satisfy your cravings. Get up and go to the kitchen and do whatever you need to do.


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