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I've heard it said severally that, "necessity is the mother of invention", but this never really did sink in until it had to sink in.

You see, the true meaning of this quote is that when the need for something becomes imperative, you are forced to find ways of getting or achieving it, no matter what. For instance, if you know your rent is due, you will do everything in your power to make sure you pay it before your landlord kicks you into the street leaving you in the cold especially during this cold season

Similarly, if a dude has his eyes set on a particular woman he will do whatever it takes to make sure he gets her, even if it means making a fool of himself. He will invent ways of attracting her attention, suddenly you'll see a change in his overal demeanor, right from the way he dresses to the way he carries himself and talks, especially around the object of his attention. That's whey you see them opening car doors for the ladies. Unfortunately in most cases, that whole show ends the moment he achieves his objective. And that's where challenge in a relationship begin....But that's a topic for another day.

So why am I sharing this with you today? Because I would like you to have a mental paradigm shift. 

Are you in a difficult situation, a situation that you now deem a necessity? A situation that has become a challenge to you? Don't worry for I have good news for you.

Challenges are like the thick darkness that engulfs the world at night, especially the wee hours of the night. But here's the beauty of that darkness; the darker it is, the brighter the stars and the moon become, making the skies look so beautiful in the night.

Same case applies to you...

It is while you are in that place that you will discover talents and gifts you didn't even know existed in you. Once you start working on those talents, you will quickly discover that it is not all gloom and doom as you had initially thought it was. Slowly your talents will open up doors of opportunity for you and if you work hard, you will breakthrough and become victorious. You just have to make sure you don't give up.

So, like my favourite book says, count it all joy when you go through trials and tribulations. Why because it is through those tribulations that your faith grows, your attitude changes, your resilience increases, your patience multiplie etc.

If you are in a such a situation today don't give up. Be open minded, stay positive, keep yourself busy doing things you have never done before and within a short period of time you will be glad you went through that dark moment of your life. Look at all the challenges you are going through as opportunitinies to be creative, to shine your light.

Remember, darkness is required for stars to shine. Go on out and shine your light.

Be Ignited. Be Inspired. Be Influenced. Become the best version of yourself you can ever be.


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