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Know your No's

At some point in your life you must have heard the saying, “choices have consequences”. Yes. Whether good or bad choices, there are always consequences to deal with; could be good or bad. 
Say for example Ian Jege, a very talented friend of mine who has had it with people taking advantage of his kindness. He posted this on his Facebook wall……

"Dear friends, I hope your Sunday is treating you well?
A quick one. If the last 5 consecutive times you have called me have been to ask for a freebee that somehow involves the use of a skill I have spent years mastering, allow me to assure you that my bills are not payed with favor collections. Also, please feel free to misplace my number. God Bless".


Now that’s what I call being gutsy and ballsy. It takes someone with real guts to make a tough choice to do what he did. If you are one of his friends and you go back to him with a freebee request, you've got to be out of your mind.

There comes a time in life when you have to stop being a YES-person; a time when you choose your YESes carefully because you know they have a direct impact on your journey to success. Not everything good is good for you; Why? Because it may be good but not leading you to the direction of your Success. At some point in your life you will have to say NO to a lot of things. And a lot of people.

Warren Buffet once said, “The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say NO to almost everything.”

Now this is a man whose worth was $76.9B as of Feb 2017.  This is the same person who once said that out of 100 opportunities he gets, he says NO 99 times. Would you like to gamble with his advice?

You need to look back and do a serious audit of everything and everyone you have said “yes" to over the past few months; are they adding value to your life or de-valuing the value your life already has? It is time to start saying NO more often, and only say YES to what is relevant and vital for you to achieve the success you are aiming for in your life.

It’s good to know where you are going, but it’s best to know what not carry on your journey there.

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