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If You Believe You Can, You Will

Two little boys were playing on some ice during winter. As they were playing one fell through a section that had thin cold ice. Instantly, the little fellow who was left on top of the ice did not panic but instead attempted to save his buddy. Unfortunately, the little boy was (literally) too little and too short to reach his buddy, though he could see him through the ice, slipping further and further away from him.

His brain working overtime, he looked around trying to look for something he could use, and that’s when he saw this big tree a short distance away. He quickly ran to the tree, climbed on it and broke down an enormous branch from the tree, ran back with it to the spot where his buddy had fallen and madly started beating the ice till he broke through. His fast actions saved his friend’s life.

Meanwhile, an old man who was passing by called the paramedics while the boy was saving his friend. When the paramedics came, they were told what had happened but when they saw the little boy and the branch he used to save his friend, they couldn’t believe it. They were all asking themselves how this could have happened. How could such a small boy climb and break off such a big branch, then run back with it to his friend and save his life? They came to the conclusion that it must have been a miracle. 

As they were arguing trying to comprehend what had happened, the old man who had called them overheard them questioning how the boy could have done it. 
He said to them, “I can tell you how he did it”. In unison they all chorused, “How?”. The old man said “Well, there was no one here to tell him that he could not do it!…"

Wow! What a profound revelation!

Whose negative voice are you listening to today, telling you what you can and what you cannot do? 
What exploits could you have done by now if you had not listened to those telling you its impossible?

If you believe you can then you will. Just believe in yourself.

Remember, it's not the size of the dog that matters, it's the size of the fight in the dog.

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