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A Heart of Gratitude

People who know who they are don’t waste their time complaining. They have tuned their minds to be positive no matter what. They always look for something to be grateful for.

To them, the glass is never half empty; it is always half full.

An attitude of gratitude will always create room for more things to be grateful for. This is a proven fact. But what surprises me most is not the fact that gratitude attracts more to be grateful for, but it is the fact that gratitude stirs an inner sense of fulfillment that is inexplicable.

It is for this same reason that people who are always complaining seem unhappy and angry at everything they come across including the neighbor’s donkey.

Here's the secret: The more you complain, the more you get more reasons to complain. Complaining gives birth to bitterness, resentment, anger, etc. 

Stop complaining and start appreciating. 

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