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"It's just the way I am", or, "that's how we've always been in this family" are words I got used to hearing so many times from members of our clan and immediate family that it somewhat registered in my mind that they were just a bunch of "peculiar" people. I am sure you too have heard your fair share of similar words, if you aren't the one who has been using the every now and again. 

It is not bad to be known a certain way, espeically if that way is good, but it should be a concern if you are known for something negative. Say for instance someone who is known for never completing assignments on time, or for being vulgar in his oral and written speech, or for being a cheat and a liar, such a person's reputation is so likely to preceed him that sometimes he ends up losing great opportunities because of that. I know someone who lost a major contract simply because someone in the interviewing panel knew his history from before, and no matter how much he presented a positive outlook, that one person who knew him wasn't convinced that he was a different person.

So how do people get to that point where they are "known" for or identified with certain things? The answer is little big things called Habits. And what is a habit? A habit is what you repeatedly do. For instance, if you have this habit of resting before you get tired (in other words being lazy), then you will never really get anything done or accomplished effeciently and effectively. What's worse, you become unreliable and lose credibility before everyone around you.

Habits are the things to change if you ever want to experience a positive change or difference in your life. Like John Dryden said, "We first make our habits and then our habits make us". What have your habits turned you into? Do you like the person you are seeing in the mirror? If not, what are you going to do about it?

Like Karen Salmansohn said, "If you want to improve your life you must commit to changing your daily habits and creating a permanent lifestyle shift. You can't depend on quick fixes." Habits are like the operating system of a computer. You have to have the right operating system installed for it to run specific computer programs, otherwise, the user will keep getting error messages.

Remember, right now that "small" habit you think is small may not look harmful to you in anyway until the time you want to stop it and realize you are hooked to it like a drug. Like Warren Buffet said, "Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken".

Check your habits today and start eliminating the ones that have potential to harm you.

Get yourself this week's read titled, "The Power Of Habit" by Charless Duhigg.

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