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Grow through your valleys

When climbing a series of hills, to move from one hill to the next you have to climb down the current hill, pass through the connecting valley and climb up the next hill. Unless you are super(wo)man, bat(wo)man or one of those superheroes, the only way to the next plateau is by going down, then through the valley and up again until you get to the peak of the next hill.

And so it is with life.

Every time you achieve some success and want to move on to the next level of success in your life, you will have to go through a valley before your upward journey towards your next hill of success commences.


The valleys in life are represented by many things; Could be sicknesses that drain your bank account; bankruptcy, divorce; failure in some aspect of your life; loss in business; sabotage by people you trusted; weak shilling, etc. 

Every tough situation is a valley in your life.

What many people have never realized however is that when you are going through that valley, that is when you GROW. That is when your skills are sharpened. That is when you get great ideas on not only how to get out of that valley, but how to face the next valleys that are lined up for you. That is when you learn how to fight the predators waiting to attack you at night when you are most vulnerable.

The valley is not a pleasant place to go throw, but it is an important place for your GROWTH.

In the words of Dana Arcuri, “Our faith is built in the dark, in the valleys, and during the back-breaking battles in life.” How you handle your time in the valley depends on what kind of an attitude you have. The better your attitude, the easier your journey will be.

To quote Mehmet Murat ildan, “Some look at the hills from far away and see only the barren lands; some travel amongst the hills and find the most beautiful valleys!” What valley are you going through right now?

Lawana Blackwell has this message for you:

Valley's don't last forever... Neither do mountaintops of life, but if a person just has faith and held on, each valley would eventually end.”

And I say to you: GROW through your valleys

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