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Great Monday

I often wonder why people hate Mondays.

Isn’t it a day like any other day? Doesn’t it have 24 hours like any of the other 6 days of the week? 

Then I figured out what the problem was: most people hate Mondays because it is a long way off from "excitement" i.e. the weekend. 

I know this is true because the same people love Mondays when it is part of a long weekend, like the up-coming Easter weekend.

What this means to me is that most people wake up on Mondays with nothing exciting to look forward to, hence the many gloomy descriptions attached to Monday such as Blue Monday, Black Monday, etc. 

If you want to have a good Monday, then have something great, something motivating to look forward to. You could decide to make it the day you visit/call your favorite clients, or the day you set aside to do something that excites you, but whatever the case, always ensure you have something awesome to look forward to so that you can jump out of your bed every Monday morning energized and excited that it’s a Monday. 

When you start your Monday with a positive attitude, then it becomes easy to maintain the same pace for the rest of the week. 

Having a positive attitude is a decision one makes. You see, every day you are faced with hundreds of reasons why you can get pissed off; but then again, in the same day, you are faced with thousands of reasons why you should be excited about life. 

Imagine what would happen if you decided to approach every Monday with a positive mental attitude, where instead of seeing it as a spoiler, you choose to see it as the first day of a week full of opportunities and great encounters? Imagine what would happen if you chose to see Monday as YOUR day, a day that will set you apart from everyone else in your field.

So the next time it is Monday, jump out of bed, embrace the day and choose to have an awesome day and week ahead.

As a matter of fact, decide to have an awesome day every day of the week regardless of what is going on in your world.


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