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Don't Get Stuck In The Past

A story is told of how one man remained stuck in a past he found too painful to move on from.... here's the story as narrated by my favorite motivational speaker, Les Brown.

There was one particular person that all of us knew. The children and adults and everybody used to pick at him when he came by. We called him chicken man. He had a feather in this heart, a feather on top of his car and he would drive around blinking his lights and occasionally blowing his horn and when he got out of his car he would walk down the street with a baby carrier with two dolls in it and a picture of a woman. And if you came near him or listened to him, you would hear him making the sounds of a chicken. All of us used to laugh at chicken man. We didn’t know his story.


Chicken Man woke up one morning, around 3am and his house was on fire. He panicked, and he got out of the window, left quickly, only to get outside to hear his children and wife screaming for help. He ran back to the door to go in to save them and the flames were too hot, too awesome. He tried to get in but he couldn’t get in.  He was desperate and frantic.  Pretty soon the cries stopped. They perished in the fire. 


His brother in-law came and found out that his sister had died with his nieces in the fire and he grabbed chicken man and he started beating him saying, “You chicken why didn’t you save my sister? You are a chicken! You are a chicken!” 


When the people pulled him off chicken man, they asked him, “are you alright?”  The chicken man looked at them and he started making the sounds of a chicken. He never ever overcame that tragedy. He was stuck from that experience. None of us knew why chicken man went around with that picture and his little dolls


I know it is hard to move from a bad situation. I know it takes all your will power to do this but if you don't give up, I know it is possible to move on. Check out this week's article on my blog for some insights on how you can break away from the past.


Be Ignited. Be Inspired. Be Influenced. Become the best version of yourself you can ever be.

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