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Disappoint your disappointments

Whether you like it or not disappointments are a part of life. Just like day and night are a part of life, we are assured that at some point disappointment will happen to you. 

That does not mean that you should go around carrying a negative attitude or being a pessimist. No. All I’m saying is that you should not be surprised when it happens.

The best way to deal with disappointments is to disappoint them. 

And how do you disappoint your disappointments? By not letting them put you down; by not letting them put you in a mood; by making a conscious decision to stay positive no matter what happens. The moment you determine to not get disappointed, then  you are on your way to winning the war against disappointment.

How do you manage to stay positive in the midst of disappointments? Simple; look for something positive to be grateful for in that situation that has disappointed you and guess what, you will always find one. 

Take roses for instance; We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorns have roses. Which will you choose?

Borrow a leaf from the person who said, “A little bird in the sky drops its waste in your eye, you don't mind and you don't cry… you just thank God that cows can't fly.”

Whatever disappointments you might be experiencing right now, determine to disappoint them by being thankful and by acquiring a PMA (positive mental attitude) 

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