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Be Refined

Tough times don't define you, they refine you.” ― Carlos A. Rodriguez

I couldn’t agree with Carlos more.

Imagine the process a carrot has to go through in order to produce carrot juice. It goes through some serious cutting and pressing, but eventually, the end result is this healthy, yummy, thick, fresh juice that cleanses your skin and detoxifies your body.

Every one of us has a carrot moment; that moment when you have to go through the press (blender) for you to produce that which will transform you. It is during such times that we know our own strengths. It is during that time that we realize how strong we are.

Unfortunately not everyone takes that process very well. Some people resign along the way and give up. Please don’t. 

To quote the words of Karen Salmansohn, “You are stronger than your challenges and your challenges are making you stronger.” Are you going through a challenging situation right now? It is not time to give up. It is time to gather all the courage within you to face up to that challenge and come out stronger than ever before.

You have the power within you to face and overcome every challenge that comes your way.

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