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The Routeen Program

The Routeen: A Winning Routine For Teens & Young Adults

The Routeen: A Winning Routine For Teens & Young Adults


The word Routeen is a mashup between the words Routine + Teenager = Routeen.  I initially wrote the book targeting teens and young adults of up to 27 years, but as the book took shape, I realized that the book can be read and its lessons applied by for everyone regardless of age, race, religion or gender​.

The name of the book has inspired the 7 chapters in it. 
  1. egular Routine - is all about cultivating habits through Discipline and Dedication.​
  2. vercoming Obstacles- is about character building through Strength Development and Perseverance​.
  3. nwavering Understanding - is about self-awareness through a candid personal SWOT Analysis​.
  4. ransformed Thinking - is about letting go of the past and embracing an intentional Mindset Change.​
  5. arn Experience - is about learning before earning through continuous Personal Development​.
  6. xtraordinary Excellence - is about honing your skills and acquiring Mastery in the areas of your gifting.​
  7. on-Negotiable NO! - is about saying a resounding and confident NO to Peer Pressure.​


At the end of each chapter, there is a little exercise that will help the reader apply what they have read. Those activities at the end of each chapter are the beginning of setting a personal discipline that will help the reader become accountable and responsible for their daily actions.

The most fundamental reason for the existence of this book is to prepare a platform for our young people to be tooled and equipped to be great leaders of themselves and others around them. This will trigger a ripple of transformation that will gradually become evident in the societies we live in.

Currently the book is in two translations; English and Kiswahili. The French translation is currently being worked on and will be launched in Francophone countries in 2020.

The Routeen is not just a book; it is a program that specifically aims at igniting, inspiring and influencing lives through transformative practices that can be applied to every area of our lives. These practices eventually create a mindset of success by helping participants create and embrace a discipline that sets them up on the path of their destiny.

The program is meant to be disruptive; it seeks to move away from generations of dependencies to create generations of legacies. It changes mindsets and encourages behavioral changes in all areas of an individual’s life. The program aims at helping the participants activate their purpose in life, causing them to be intentional about life.

To encompass all the above, the program has developed routines for the following five areas:

  1. Personal Development
  2. Health and Wellness
  3. Personal Finance Management
  4. Spiritual Growth
  5. Establishing, Maintaining and Enhancing Meaningful Relationships

If you are interested in more details about this program please feel to get in touch with Liz on liz@liz-wachuka.com or info@therouteen.com, or click here.