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What no one tells you before you get married...

I used to think I had my stuff together. Then I got married....

Marriage is great, but it literally rocked everything I knew. I quickly realized my basic goal in life, prior to getting married, was to simply remain undisturbed.

This “disruption” came suddenly and was disguised as a 5-foot-nothing Swedish-Filipino woman. When I decided I’d rather not live without her, I proceeded to ask her to marry me - that is, to officially invite someone who wasn’t me to be in my personal space for the rest of my life.

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Your Vote is Your Voice - Vote PK

I was in Nairobi recently and while I was there, besides registering as a voter, I got a chance to talk to many people and pick their brains on what they thought of the political scene in Kenya right now. Strangely enough though, most of them had no qualms whatsoever having an UhuRuto presidency. On following closely, I found out that most of the people I was talking to were older conservative folks who fear change. They would rather support the devil(s) they know than vote for new and fresh leadership.

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Run Your Race

At the beginning of this year, I purposed in my heart that I would become a medal hunter. Actually this is something I said to myself towards the end of last year. My first medal hunting experience was in February this year, on the eve of my 45th birthday.

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Z For Zeal

Y For Yesterday

X For X-Factor

My usual online companion defines x-factor as,“a noteworthy special talent or quality.“ It could also mean, “a variable in a given situation that could have the most significant impact on a specific outcome.” So, if I got the meaning right, X factor is a quality that one cannot really describe, but it is something that makes a person overly unique and special.

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W For Wait

V for Vitamins

U For Upgrade

T For Transformation