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  • Tue, 10th Dec 2013
    6th December, 2013, the day the world woke up to the news of the passing of Nelson Mandela, one of the world's most courageous leaders. South Africa, in fact the whole world will for the next few days be saying goodbye to a great human being and an incredible inspiration. It is strange to be feeling this loss considering the Statesman died at the fulfilling age of 95 years, and even though there... [Continue reading]
  • Tue, 26th Nov 2013
    The other day I met someone who surprised me by his way of thinking. He is married to a housewife but it seems he wants her to get a job. So every time he sees me, the one question he keeps asking me is whether I have managed to get a job for his wife. The funniest thing is, I don’t even know the wife, I don’t know what kind of a job she would be interested in and whether she even wants a job in... [Continue reading]
  • Tue, 19th Nov 2013
    I almost didn’t submit this article on time. Why you might ask. Well, I’ve had a roller coaster of a week and to put the icing on the cake, I had a near severe bout of food poisoning towards the end of the week. So, where were you eating from for you to get food poisoning, again you might ask. Well, believe it or not, this was not as a result of indulging in chips vumbi or mama ntilie’s food. The... [Continue reading]
  • Tue, 12th Nov 2013
    African names are really funny, but I think the African people are even more interesting and funnier considering how they act and reason. For instance, I don’t understand why I was named Wachuka (pronounced Washuka). Is it because my mum loved wearing shukas when she was pregnant with me? Or is it because the person I was named after loved shukas? I know you are probably asking yourself why I... [Continue reading]
  • Tue, 5th Nov 2013
    The other day I was reminded of the famous Sir Isaac Newton of the Law of gravity fame. I have to admit that at first I couldn’t remember which subject it was I studied about him, but as I was perched on my loo I remembered him. So, why was I thinking of Isaac Newton while I was in the toilet? You see, I had just gotten home after being stuck in traffic for almost three hours and obviously me... [Continue reading]
  • Tue, 29th Oct 2013
    It's been about six weeks (at the time this article was being written) since iOS 7 was released by Apple and so far we have seen two additional upgrades ever since. If you are one of those users who likes playing it safe, then you are probably still on iOS 6, waiting for all the bugs to be eliminated before you can upgrade your iPhone or iPad. Well. I'm not saying its a bad thing especially... [Continue reading]
  • Tue, 22nd Oct 2013
    It’s that time of the year when enough weddings happen. If you are in Dar Es Salaam, you can be guaranteed that between now and February next year you will be coming across those noisy “Tarumbeta Bands” doing what they do best – noise pollution. Actually I believe it’s not just in Dar Es Saalam you’ll find these guys but all over Tanzania. If you are a visitor in Tanzania, you’ll be forgiven for... [Continue reading]
  • Thu, 17th Oct 2013
    Some of the simplest things make for the best relaxation methods in the world. I say this because just the other day I was looking for something to ease my frustration after what I can say was the most frustrating day of this past week. I tried playing solitaire but that didn’t work. I tried playing minefield, that didn’t work either. Not even music was soothing or calming my mind on this day.... [Continue reading]
  • Fri, 11th Oct 2013
    A while back, I wrote about this woman whose toilet ethics were definitely not complementing her outward beauty. For the sake of those who didn’t read the article, let me just say that this woman didn’t seem to know what the phrase “leave a place better than you found it” meant. In short, she used the toilet and left it not habitable for the next person who came in; unfortunately that person... [Continue reading]
  • Wed, 2nd Oct 2013
    I was really looking forward to having a peaceful weekend after what had been constant weeks of pressure, anxiety, more pressure and more anxiety. I remember I woke up earlier than I would have wanted to, primarily because my “dada” was going home on that day. Nevertheless, I was eagerly looking forward to a drama free, stress free and pressure free weekend. And then I saw the breaking news on TV... [Continue reading]
  • Fri, 27th Sep 2013
    I normally get very uncomfortable when I am in the presence of people who constantly give excuses as to why they cannot do certain things. I get uncomfortable because such people tend to spread negative energy wherever they go. I personally know for a fact that nothing is impossible if you put your mind to doing it. Yes, it is all in your mind. Like Henry Ford said, “there are two kinds of people... [Continue reading]
  • Fri, 20th Sep 2013
    I know most people prefer keeping their toilet-room experiences to themselves though we all know everyone uses this room. I guess what differs is where your toilet is, how big it is and how it looks inside. Obviously, besides the nature of the business that takes you in there, I guess the aforementioned factors (to some extent) determine a lot how much time you are likely to spend in there. All... [Continue reading]
  • Fri, 13th Sep 2013
    It is a small car, one you can easily ignore on the road, until it teaches you a lesson or two in humility. The first time I had an encounter with the almost un-noticeable Toyota Opa was during a road trip I made from Dar Es Salaam to Kisumu via Nairobi and back to Dar Es Salaam. I remember I was driving along the Moshi - Same route from Nairobi at a speed of 140km/h, when this little thing... [Continue reading]
  • Fri, 6th Sep 2013
    Have you ever gone somewhere feeling like the world has conspired to frustrate you and after interacting with other people and listening to their sorry stories, you ended up feeling so ashamed of yourself for thinking you had it bad? Well, that's what I felt last week when I met a lady who had every reason to give up on life, but instead, she had this joyful and bubbly look around her that made... [Continue reading]
  • Wed, 28th Aug 2013
    It's official; season 9 of the series called Trophyless Arsenal is back on our screens, with the first episode having been aired on 17th of August 2013. It's hard to believe that 8 seasons have gone without any silverware to show for all those seasons. As an arsenal fan, I've already given up even before the season starts properly. I mean how do you expect a team that can’t defend it's own cup (... [Continue reading]
  • Fri, 23rd Aug 2013
    As days go by I am beginning to feel like we are living in a technology lab. It's like every aspect of our lives has been invaded by either one technology change or another. Others call this invasion innovation but I think it's more of a revolution than anything else. Whatever name you want to call it, it is fast changing life on planet earth as we know it. For instance, the number of manual... [Continue reading]
  • Fri, 16th Aug 2013
    NB: This is not my original piece. It was borrowed from from Djdiva Dee. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MARRIAGE ADVICE FROM SOMEONE WHO LEARNT THE LESSONS TOO LATE Obviously, I’m not a relationship expert. But there’s something about my divorce being finalized this week that gives me perspective of things I wish I would have done... [Continue reading]
  • Wed, 14th Aug 2013
    I start this article today by acknowledging all my Muslim readers, and take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Eid al-Fitr. May there be joy in your homes, peace in your hearts and love all around you as you celebrate the end of Ramadhan. Though Thursday and Friday were holidays in Tanzania, for me they were normal working days since I spent most of my time at the office, catching up... [Continue reading]
  • Thu, 8th Aug 2013
    The first thing I noticed when I first landed in this country almost a decade ago is the richness in culture. Starting from the greetings, to the way children behave when in the presence of grownups, to the music, to the dresses made from Khangas and vitenges, etc. I found this place quite different from my homeland where culture is saved for events like the various community-based cultural... [Continue reading]
  • Sun, 4th Aug 2013
    Yesterday I did something I haven’t done in almost six months; going to my usual saloon to have my hair braided. One of the reasons why I haven’t done this for such a long time is because it takes a lot of time, a resource I seem not to be having a lot of lately. The other reason is because it makes my behind ache seriously… not that I lack natural cushioning, but sitting down for not less than... [Continue reading]
  • Wed, 31st Jul 2013
    Many of the mornings when I leave home after 7am there is this group of young men who are always lazing around the neighborhood’s “jobless corner”, commonly known as "Kijiweni". When you look at them, it seems like they really have nothing better to do with their lives. Every time I see them "wako juu ya story" meaning they are totally engrossed in the stories and conversations they always... [Continue reading]
  • Thu, 25th Jul 2013
    The other day a former colleague contacted me telling me he was looking for a job. Considering it has been a long time since we communicated, I was instantly concerned thinking he had lost his good paying job for some reason. Having made that assumption, I opted to ask him what had happened to his job, to which he clarified that he was still working at the same place he'd been for some years now... [Continue reading]
  • Wed, 17th Jul 2013
    I have to admit that God is very patient. I'm not saying this because today is Sunday and my pastor maybe reading this paper, but I say this because I think human beings are very complex beings; hard to please, impossible to understand and sometimes ridiculously inhuman! But despite all these weaknesses (and more) He still loves us unconditionally, gives us opportunities daily to change our ways... [Continue reading]
  • Wed, 10th Jul 2013
    Do you ever go through some days that make you wonder who had conspired with who to drive you insane? Well, that's the kind of day I had on Friday 5th July, 2013. To start with, I woke up to realize that none of my phones were working; sim cards weren't registering to their respective networks. Why all the lines? I'm still trying to figure that out but just in case you get an answer before I do... [Continue reading]
  • Wed, 3rd Jul 2013
    There is this Technology handle I follow on Twitter called @TechwalkTz, and its subsequent Facebook Fanpage also called Tech Walk. Whoever is behind Tech Walk has really made it easy for us to follow up on what’s going on in the Tech world, without really having to scout the whole Internet for Tech-relevant content. In addition to the content posted on Tech Walk, be it on Twitter or Facebook,... [Continue reading]
  • Tue, 25th Jun 2013
    For the past two weeks I’ve been suffering some serious migraine attacks, and even though I have been taking anti-migraines, they seemed not to want to work. It is for this reason I found myself at home for the better part of the week, nursing my head. I’d like to think we live in a very quiet neighborhood in the sense that during the day, unless its dogs barking or birds chirping or cows mowing... [Continue reading]
  • Thu, 20th Jun 2013
    There are some days when I just don’t feel like leaving my bed, not because I’m so sleepy, but simply because the prospect of dealing with the same people, the same situations, the same attitudes over and over again kills my mojo. I don’t know when or how but majority of the people I come across on a daily basis have such a twisted perspective of how things should be that it is unbelievably... [Continue reading]
  • Wed, 12th Jun 2013
    It’s the first Monday of June 2013, and I’ve just arrived at the office after spending a great deal of my morning in traffic caused by drivers who seem to have taken e-driving lessons (probably via Google). As if the traffic is not enough to drive me insane, I have to go to the Airport to deliver a parcel that I couldn’t deliver to the Airline’s town office on time due to the same traffic I’m... [Continue reading]
  • Wed, 5th Jun 2013
    It is official: Thursdays have become my “lesson-learning-days”. It seems that every Thursday something happens to me that touches me so deeply that I find myself compelled to share the experience with my readers. This last Thursday I was alone in the office over lunchtime, when a stranger walked in. On asking him how I could help him, he told me he wanted to take a few minutes of my time to... [Continue reading]
  • Tue, 28th May 2013
    There is no end to learning. Every day provides a new opportunity to learn something new, an opportunity to do something different, an opportunity to upgrade your mindset, an opportunity to refresh your thinking, an opportunity to use the unused part of your brain. Yes! Believe it or not, no matter how much you feel like your brain/mind/head is full, you can never use up your brain completely. In... [Continue reading]