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Why Reading Should Be An Integral Part Of Yours and Your Child's Daily Routine

January 25, 2018
Have you joined the #52BooksIn52Weeks2018 Book Reading Challenge yet? 
If not, here are some 30 reasons (one for each day, I guess) why you should make reading a daily habit:

Gives knowledge

One of the biggest reasons why we read books is to gain knowledge. Books are a rich source of information. Reading books on varied subjects imparts information and increases the depth about the subject as well. Whenever you read a book, you learn new information that otherwise you would not have known.

Improves your brain

Studies have shown that reading has strong positive effects on the brain. By staying mentally stimulated, you can prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. This is because keeping your brain active prevents it from losing power. The brain is a muscle and like other muscles in the body, exercise keeps it strong and healthy. Similar to solving puzzles, reading books is a great way to exercise your brain and keep it healthy.

Reduces stress

Reading has a positive effect on the body as well. Reading a book can relieve stress better than taking a walk or listening to music. According to studies people who read more tend to have lower stress levels. Though this does not necessarily apply to every human being.

Improves memory

Every time you read a book, you have to remember the setting of the book, the characters, their backgrounds, their history, their personalities, the sub-plots and so much more. As your brain learns to remember all this, your memory becomes better. What’s more, with every new memory you create, you create new pathways and this strengthens the existing ones.

Improves imagination

The more you read, the more imaginative you become. Whenever you read a fiction book, it takes you to another world. In the new world, your imagination works at its best as you try to see things in your own mind.

Develops critical thinking skills

One of the primary benefits of reading books is the ability to develop critical thinking skills. For example, reading a mystery novel sharpens your mind. Critical thinking skills are crucial when it comes to making important day to day decisions. Reading requires an individual to think and process information in a way that watching television can’t. The more you read, the deeper your understanding becomes about what you’re reading and its application.

Builds vocabulary

Reading improves your vocabulary and command on the language. As you read, you come across new words, idioms, new words, phrases and writing styles.

Improves writing skills

Reading a well-written book affects your ability to become a better writer. Just like artists influence others, so do writers. Many successful authors gained their expertise by reading the works of others. So, if you want to become a better writer, start by learning from previous masters.

Improves communication skills

Improving your vocabulary and writing skills goes hand in hand with developing your communication skills. The more you read and write, the better you communicate. Increasing your ability to communicate, improves your relationships and even makes you a better employee or student.

Improves focus and concentration

In our busy lifestyles, our attention is drawn in different directions each day as we try to multi-task through each day. For example, you may find yourself dividing your time between working on a task, chatting with people via Skype, checking email, keeping an eye on Facebook and interacting with your colleagues. All this multi-tasking can lead to high stress levels and low productivity. When you read a book, all your attention is focused on what you’re reading. Your eyes and thoughts are immersed in the details of the story. This improves your concentration and focus. Read a book at least 20 minutes a day, and you will be amazed at how much more focused you will be.

A fruitful hobby

Reading books keeps us occupied. It also leads to fruitful usage of time. It not only helps us get rid of worries, but also diverts our mind from monotony. Books are excellent sources of recreation. Someone who loves to read can never get bored, as this is a perfect way to rid of boredom. As books take you to another different world, you relax and rejuvenate.

Cheap entertainment

Compared to other forms of entertainment, books are quite cheap. You will never get a movie ticket for $8-$10 (all inclusive of popcorn, soda and even transport to the movie theatre, not forgetting time spent going there). But, with this money, you can buy yourself a book and be entertained for many hours - plus you can re-read the same book or share it with friends and/or family at no extra cost!


Life is full of challenges. As we move through different phases of life , a little motivation can be of great help. Reading inspirational books about life experiences can change our lives. Reading a good book, such an autobiography keeps you encouraged and you also learn tips to help you achieve your personal goals. Basically, you get inspired to become a you in every sphere of your life.

Improves health

There are thousands, if not millions, of great self-help books. Many of these books can actually help improve your health. Reading such books reduces levels of depression. People with severe depression can benefit from reading self-help books. Apart from this, such books offer important tips on exercising, dieting and other healthy lifestyle tips. All this leads to improved mental and physical health - but only if adhered to.

Makes you more empathetic

According to studies, losing yourself in books, especially fiction, might increase your empathy. In a study conducted in the Netherlands, researchers showed that people who were “emotionally transported” by a work of fiction experienced a boost in empathy. By reading a book, you become part of the story and feel the pain and other emotions of the characters. This in turn allows your mind to become more aware of how different things affect other people. Eventually, this improves your ability to empathize with other people. So, go ahead and read that story, a world with more empathetic people would definitely be a better place!

Improves Skills

Reading is a fundamental skill builder. For every good course on earth, there is a matching book to go with it. Books provide important information on various subjects and topics. The best thing about reading is that you can go deeper than what you learn in a classroom discussion. Whether it’s cooking, dancing, or even cleaning, you can always improve your skills by reading books.

Build self-esteem

By reading many books, you communicate better and become more informed on various areas of life. All this translates into a higher self-esteem. Since you have confidence in yourself and your ability to deliver, you become more productive and overall a much better person.

Portable entertainment

Books are portable and light in weight. They are not like bulky computers and games that take too much space. With a book, you can pack it in your handbag and easily carry it everywhere. You can read anywhere, in a plane as you travel, in your bed before you sleep, under a shade as you relax, or even during your holiday.

Helps you sleep better

Poor sleep leads to low productivity. This is why so many experts recommend that you establish regular de-stressing routine before you sleep to help calm your mind and therefore sleep better. Reading a book is one of the best ways to calm yourself before you go to bed. Instead of watching television or spending too much time on your smartphone while in bed, take some time to read. The bright lights from the electronic devices will only affect your sleep. On the other hand, a book will help you sleep better. Note: this only works if you are reading a physical book and not an ebook.

Learn about another world

The world of fiction allows you to travel to another world, where everything is different. By reading books, you get a glimpse of other cultures and places. Books expand your horizons, letting you see other countries, other people and so many other things you have never seen or imagined. It’s the perfect way to visit a strange country in your mind.


We can always share whatever we have read with our family, friends and colleagues. All this increases our ability to socialize. Humans are social beings but ironically, in a world of smartphones and social media, we are losing our ability to socialize. However, reading can lead to the formation of book clubs and other forums where we get a chance to share and interact with others. For instance, it is as a result of reading books that today this group exists.

Improves creativity

The biggest difference between reading and watching television is that reading gives you the scope to unleash your creativity. The more you read, the more you learn new things. New thoughts always stretch our minds to rediscover life in new and better ways. We start to see the world in a different way and this way we find new creative solutions.

Learn at your own pace

Another benefit of reading a book is that you learn at your own pace. Since you have the book all the time, you can always go back to a section you feel you don’t understand. You can re-read a chapter as many times as you wish, without worry that you will miss out a section. If it’s a self-help book, you can tackle one issue at a time. Once you handle one problem, then you can move to the next issue whenever you feel you’re ready. Everything is done at your own pace and most importantly, your mind is free to interpret how you feel.

Lots of choices to choose from

There are so many great books to read that you will never finish them all in a lifetime. Books have been written for centuries, right now, someone is writing a book, and in the future, books will still be written. Whether you’re looking for something to inspire you, something to make you laugh, romance or even gaining a new skill, there are countless books for that. All you need is to take some time and pick which one to read. There will never be a shortage of great books.

Improves morals

Books help us better discern good ideas from bad ideas. Reading a book allows us to learn about different approaches to life and the problems we face. By doing this, you get an opportunity to discern what has worked in the past and what has not worked. Basically, you learn to make better decisions in life.

Learn about your history

History plays an important role is who we are today. By reading books, we get a better understanding of the past and how it continues to affect us. With books, you get a chance to learn about your country, family and the world in general. It’s a great way to revisit your past and appreciate the present.

Save money

Apart from being inexpensive, you will also save a lot of money by reading books. Books don’t require electricity, neither do they need any form of maintenance. When you read a book on a certain skill, such as cooking, woodwork, or simple DIY tasks, you save yourself the money you would have used to hire a contractor. You not only learn new skills, but also save yourself a lot of expenses.

No side effects of the digital world

Spending too much time watching television or playing video games can affect your eye health in the long run. On the other hand, books are safe and easy. No one has ever gone blind from reading too many books. There are no known side effects or dangers of reading great books. All there is are benefits.

Makes you smarter

With so much to learn from books, people who read regularly tend to be smarter than those who don’t. They tend to have an open mind and are more aware of their surroundings. You can tell someone who reads by how they address issues, how they express themselves orally and through writing, and generally by their reasoning ability.

Books are better than movies

So many movies have been adapted from books. But, if you read a book and then watch its movie, you will agree that the book is 100 times better than the movie. There is always that unique part, like what a character is thinking, that a movie can never capture.
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