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What sank the Ship?

July 27, 2012

Not to say that there's any good way to die, but I think death by water is just too painful. Why do I say this? Because in my earlier days of learning how to swim I drunk enough pool-water by force (hoping it hadn't been peed in), and the feeling was just wrong! Besides the water drinking, there's that part where water gets into your nose and it is a horrendous feeling! Can you imagine how the victims of death-by-water must have felt? Especially the kids and non-swimmers? My heart just goes out to them, and may their souls rest in eternal peace.

I know that was not a very positive way to start this post, but I needed to set the stage for you to understand where I am going with this. You see, in the recent past there has been too many scary stories of boats and dhows sinking around the Tanzanian Coastline. It is sad because some of these things happen as a result of people's negligence; for instance overloading, lack of machinery servicing among others. My main concern though is why these vessels sink; the physics, mathematics, etc of it all.

Thinking about it now, its amazing how such humongous vessels (like the cargo ships with hundreds of containers) are able to stay on water for such long distances, and days for that matter, without going under due to the load they are carrying....Isn't that something? Well, I know its all about phycics, something to do with an object displacing a mass of water equal to its own mass..... That's all I remember considering I never bothered about the subject while I was in school (I blame the teacher). As usual, I digress...

Then a small leak happens and the entire humongous vessel goes down under the water;  isn't it funny how all that endless water around the ship was ok for it, but as soon as it gets into the vessel it becomes its enemy? All the huge waves, sometimes disturbed waters causing the vessel to rock left and right, but it holds its own? But one small leak, causes it to go down!  To make it worse, if the leak gets those onboard unawares, then the likelihood of death-by-water is very high... Painful and sad.

Isn't that the same thing with our daily lives? There is so much negativity around us, rocking us left and right, and sometimes even threatening to capsize us. Like the ship, the entire water of the sea will not sink it unless it gets inside the ship. Like someone told me today, "negativity of the world can't put you down unless you allow it to get inside you".

The choice is yours; choose not to provide an inlet for negativity to get inside you. Be positive always.



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NEver read this one but pretty amazing, strange how you began this post though and managed to turn it round into something really inspiring. Negativity is all around me, but it can't hurt me unless i let it in. Their will always be negative people thoughts, but i should not allow myself to be consumed and riddled with thoughts and mediation on it. cheers pretty good read for a Tuesday

You are most welcome Chomo.... I'm glad you now know what to do to stay afloat; Don't let that negativity anywhere near you.

Have a blessed day, and share the post with your networks... you never know whose ship is almost sinking.

very interestingly put. like the analysis and how its eventually applied in real life.

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