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Still stuck in the past?

June 26, 2012

They say a change is as good as a rest and so for me, when I am tired, I stop doing what I was doing before and look for another distraction. One of the distractions I enjoy is reading clean wholesome jokes as a way of relaxing my mind.

I recently stambled upon an interesting joke which I have shared with you here below:

A guy from England, named John, had just arrived in New York for the first time and took a taxi to get to his hotel. Being in New York for the first time, he had alot to admire and so when they passed the great great statue of liberty, John tapped the taxi driver on the shoulder to get his attention so he could ask him a question about the impressive building.

Unfortunately John's action scared the driver so badly that he lost control of the wheel and nearly hit a shop and almost ran into a home. By the time the driver finally managed to control the wheel, John had totally forgotten the question he wanted to ask and all he could ask was: "What happened?" 
The driver replied: "It's not your fault and I sincerely apologize for what just happened. You see, this is my first day as a taxi driver, and you are my first client actually. For the last 25 years, I have been driving a hearse..."

Truth be told, most of us are like this Taxi driver. We carry so much baggage from our past that we find it almost impossible to make progress in our current lives. Some of us are carrying heartbreaks from past relationships, making it impossible to have new healthy relationships with other people. Others have been burnt by business associates, making it hard to trust any other person who comes in the name of business. The past has instilled a certain type of fear in us that unless we let go and make a conscious decision to have a fresh beginning, we will be accidents waiting to happen.

Please don't let you past dictate your present or your future. Leave it exactly where it should remain; in the past.



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Love it, human nature i believe is conditioned to behavior and once we learn to move on from the past. we can live and let live. But a question, when u learn do you forget. Cause when you forget are you not in a situation to get burnt again. Just a spin on this..

Over to you liz


Letting go does not mean that you forget what you learnt; that would mean the whole experience would have gone to waste. But then again, as human beings, the beauty of it all is that we were created superior than all other animals, meaning we have the ability to forget situations, but never forget the lessons..... unlike the warthog! 

I'm not sure I've answered your question totally, but maybe if you do read this post you will understand what I mean about living your past exactly where it is.

Cheers and keep reading and sharing.

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