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N For Nutrimental

May 13, 2020

N For Nutrimental.


Yes! Nutrimental is a word in the English dictionary. 

It means “any substance or matter that, taken into a living organism, serves to sustain it in its existence, promoting growth, replacing loss, and providing energy

I guess this can be simply translated to mean FOOD!


But let’s break it down further.  


The word “Nutri” according to Wiktionary.org is defined as a verb that means, “to feed, or to nourish.” It could also mean, “to harbor (give a home or shelter to), foster (encourage the development of something), cultivate (a thought, idea), entertain or cherish (a hope)”

On the other hand, the word mental simply means, “relating to the mind” or “of the mind.”


With this in mind I’d like to talk about “nutrimental” not in relation to the physical body but in relation to the “food we feed the mind.” This food could be through social media consumption, TV series and movies, news sites and associated media, productive or destructive literature, progressive or retrogressive conversations, etc. 


While still alive the late Jim Rohn said the following words:Stand guard at the door of your mind." Standing guard means being alert not to allow anything or anyone that is not permitted to enter a specific place, in this case your mind.  This is a proactive action, where you choose to intentionally stand guard at the door of your mind to ensure that no negativity enters there

In other words, you intentionally and proactively decide what mental nutrients you are going to allow your mind to consume. Failure to do so can be termed as a “plandemic” (pun intended) i.e. a planned pandemic. 


There is a famous quote by Frank Outlaw that says: 

Watch your thoughts, they become words; watch your words, they become actions; watch your actions, they become habits; watch your habits, they become character; watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

This means that you can change your whole world by changing your thoughts. But guess where your thoughts come from? Yeah! You got that right. They come from what you feed your mind. In other words, change what you feed your mind, and your world will change completely. It is not a mistake that my favorite Book says, “…..be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds….” (Romans 12:2). So if you want to see transformation in your life, start by “renewing” the mental nutrients you are feeding your mind. 

How do you feed your mind with nutrimental stuff?


  • Avoid negativity Negativity can include dwelling on your past mistakes, having an unforgiving heart or carrying past grudges. It can also be unnecessarily focusing on negative news. For instance during this period when the world is battling with the COVID-19 pandemic, what interest do you have in wanting to know how many people are dying due to this thing every millisecond? Unless you’ve been employed by WHO to gather statistics, you will do yourself a great favor not dwelling on what is going on. Instead, focus on staying healthy you and your family. Of course you cannot avoid the information, but do not go digging for it. 


  • Focus on the good in your life. When there is a crisis like this one, it is very easy for people to be 1D, meaning one-dimensional. They forget that despite all the bad things that are happening around, there is also a lot of good stuff to be grateful for. The fact that you are still alive is something to be thankful for. The fact that you are still healthy is something to be thankful for. The fact that you still have a roof over your head and a doting family surrounding you is something to be grateful for. The fact that you can actually read this means you have a sound mind, properly working eyes, a smart device and an internet connection. Focus on the good in your life and your mind will automatically find more good things to focus on.


  • Good vibes only - When everyone else around you is walking around carrying sullen and long faces, choose to be joyful and bubbly. Wave at people (now that we are not shaking hands) and do the “Namaste” greeting to complete strangers and see the reaction on their faces. That reaction in itself is something that will crack you up. Hey and listen, if for no other reason, do this to help other people keep their minds off their issues because in their minds they will be wondering, “what’s wrong with this one now? Why does he/she have a smile on their face?” At least for a few minutes they might even smile.  You can also find other ways of spreading good vibes. Be creative.


  • Read, watch and listen to positive content - What books are you reading right now, if at all you are even reading? Are they books to build your confidence or to fill you with terror? What about the movies you are watching, are they giving you some happy thoughts or nightmares at night? And the people you are surrounding yourself with, is whatever they are telling you nourishing or impoverishing your mind? I guess only you can answer that question.


  • Have a Positive Mental Attitude - A PMA simply means seeing the good in every situation no matter how terrible it looks. Here’s a classic example of seeing the good in every situation. “A little bird in the sky drops its waste in your eye, you don't mind and you don't cry…you just thank God that cows can't fly.” No matter how bad things are, there is always something good; you just have to see the situation from a different angle or perspective.  


And there you have it. I hope you will start a serious mental diet containing all the nutrients needed by your mind. Remember, your mind is a garden and your thoughts are the seeds. You can choose go grow flowers or weeds. You decide. 


To listen to the episode on N for Nutrimental, click here


Be ignited. Be inspired. Be influenced. Become the best version of yourself you can ever be.



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