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May 11, 2020

K For Knowledge


According to my usual online dictionary, knowledge is defined as, “facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.


For today though, I want us to break down the word knowledgeinto two parts i.e. Know and Edge. To make this possible, assume the “l” in knowledge is a separator between the two words. I'll explain how later.


The definition given for know by my usual online dictionary is, “to be absolutely certain or sure about something.

On the other hand the word edge has several definitions, but the one I want to dwell on says, “a quality or factor which gives superiority over close rivals.


If I was to derive a “formula” from the two definitions this is what I would say:

Know Edgebeing absolutely certain of that quality or factor that gives you superiority over close rivals

Remember I told you to assume the “l” between “know” and “edge” is a separator? Now I'd like you to assume it is the plus sign indicated in the "equation" above. 

And so in this article, I want to talk about knowing what sets you apart from others. ​

Why is it important to know what your edge is?

  • It helps you stay focused.  Knowing your edge helps you focus on your “core” strengths, thus developing them better and deeper to establish an even bigger edge for yourself. 


  • It helps you redeem time. When you know what you are good in, you take advantage of that and push yourself to become even better. Unless it is something that will help you increase your edge in that area where you have an edge, then you will not spend time doing things that are unnecessary. You will put your time into bettering yourself in areas that surround your edge.


  • It helps you align your resources. Economists have taught us that human beings have many needs and wants but their resources are limited. With this in mind, when you know what your edge is, you will use your limited resources to build your proficiency in that area until you become unbeatable.


  • It helps you easily identify opportunities. When you know your edge, you easily gravitate towards opportunities that you can handle because you know what you can and what you cannot do. 


  • It helps create a name for you as an expert in your fieldFor instance, today if you mention golf, the first person that comes to mind would no doubt be Tiger Woods. Why? Because he created an edge in golf and became known as the best in the world. Despite all the challenges he went through in his life, he has still maintained his edge in golf.


  • It helps you identify other potential areas of interestOnce you have mastered your edge, it then becomes easier for you to identify other areas where you can develop another edge. If for instance you have an edge in writing, you may find it easy to create an edge in public speaking as well. Why? Because the two somehow complement each other.​

I could go on and on about why you need to know your edge, but for now let me leave it at those six points. As we start a new week, why not invest in the time to find out what your edge is? I am sure your future self will be glad you did.


But before I go, here are some characteristics you must have in order to develop your edge:

  • You must be a life time learner - in my book The Routeen, I have shared the 5Cs of becoming a life time learner. To develop your edge, you must have a burning desire to learn something new daily.​​​


  • You must be willing to pay the price - Yes! There is a price to pay to become the best. You need to have a mentality that says,"I will do whatever it takes to become the best!".


  • You must be willing to do extra - It is that extra action you take that will separate you from all the rest.  Read one more page. Do one more push-up. Write one more paragraph. Listen to one more podcast. Whatever it is, be willing to do extra.


  • You must have an attitude of Gratitude - When you have an attitude of gratitude, you will realize very quickly that whatever edge you have is a gift you were given freely, one that you should not boost about, but one you should guard and develop and apply to help others and not just yourself. An attitude of gratitude will open more doors for you than you can ever imagine.


  • You must be willing to invest in your edge - Buy and read books. Pay for online courses. Engage the services of a mentor or a personal trainer. Be willing to work as a volunteer or intern in your field of edge. In short, invest in growing your edge. 


  • You must be commited to pay now and play later - In other words, do what is called delayed gratification. Everything good takes time realize. For instance, it would be crazy for a woman who is 3 months pregnant to insist on giving birth to her child at that time. Unfortunately most people do that with their goals/dreams - they want to give birth before the 9 months are over! Be patient, pay now and you will play all you want later.   


  • Take time to appreciate your milestones  - developing your edge is not an easy thing. There will be many discouragements along the way and at times you might just consider giving up. To give you the courage to keep going, appreciate every milestone you reach and you will be recharged to do more.


I hope this article gives you a reason to know your edge. To listen to my podcast on K for Knowledge please click here.

Be ignited. Be inspired. Be influenced. Become the best version of yourself you can ever be every day as you seek to know your edge.




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