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May 09, 2020

I for Interrupt


There’s this interesting quote by Napoleon Bonaparte that says, Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” 

That sounds like an “own goal” win, where your team wins after the other team scores an own goal. But to contextualize today’s, what happens when that “enemy” happens to be you, would you still maintain the “do not interrupt” code? 


Liz,  what do you mean by "when that ‘enemy’ happens to be you?”  I’ll explain.


I am sure there are times when you have done/said something that has made you feel like the biggest loser on planet earth. Or, there could be things in life that have happened to you that might have made you feel like you are the most undeserving, useless human being in your family, if not the whole world. A combination of that is lethal because it breeds seeds of indecision (or what I call mental indigestion), self-doubt, low self-esteem, lack of motivation and an overall lack of self-love. 


To sight a few examples.....

  • Maybe you have been through a series of failed relationships and now you have come to the conclusion that “there is something wrong” with you, so you decide to stay single for the rest of your life, or you resign yourself to staying in a bad relationship because according to you “that is how it always is”.


  • Could be that your relationship with money is a long distance relationship, where you meet once in a while but never seem to stay together for long…. Anyone know what I mean? As a result of this, you’ve somehow come to believe that you will never be rich or financially free, so you don’t see the reason why you should look for creative ways of getting out of your situation.


  • Or maybe someone told you something degrading or demeaning many years ago and to date, you are still holding onto those words. Even though none of those words were really true, and that the person may even be dead already (meaning you have outlived them) you are still holding onto their negative words said to you so long ago. 


By holding onto such negative things, they automatically hamper your growth and progress in life. Though you get to see many great opportunities that can take you from one level of growth to another, you stop yourself from going after those opportunities because at the back of your mind there is a narrative that holds you back. By not breaking free from those limiting narratives that keep holding you back, that is how you become your own worst enemy.

  • A narrative that says, “I will never have a good relationship. Nobody in my family is happy in theirs anyway so what makes me think I will be any different?” This kind of narrative will forever keep you from enjoying great relationships with everyone and anyone around you, be it at the office, at home or wherever. You will never be able to relate positively with others because you will always see yourself as the problem.​


  • A narrative that says, “I come from a poor background and so I will never be rich or financially free because that’s just how it is in our family.” This kind of narrative will forever keep your ability to be creative in check because you will never have any inspiration to be creative or to take positive risks. As a result, your economy will never grow and as life's demands increase, you will continue become financially handicapped until you and finances finally break up.


  • A narrative that says, “I am not capable of being someone great because I was told I will never amount to anything or anyone great in life.” This is a narrative that will affect every area of your life because if you cannot believe in yourself first, nobody else ever will. How you treat yourself is the benchmark that will be used by everyone else to treat you. Believe in yourself and everyone else will be forced to believe in you.... and if they don't, that's none of your business because YOU believe in you. 


All the above are examples of self-limiting beliefs. To break those limits you need to interrupt those narratives by reprogramming your mind with new positive narrations.  You need to interrupt the flow of negative content in your mind by filling your mind with new positive content. 


You can start by listening to motivational content from people who went through exactly what you are going through right now and overcame!​ Read books that ignite a possibility mindset in you. Interact with people who can influence you positively and inspire you to step out of your limiting cocoon.  


Have a meeting with yourself and erase all the labels that have been placed on you by whoever it is you allowed to do that. Look at yourself in the mirror and speak positive affirmations to yourself. For instance, if someone told you that you are ugly, look at yourself in the mirror and speak positive affirmations like: 

  • “I am fearfully and wonderfully made!”
  • “I am created in God’s image and there is no way God is ugly!”
  •  “God calls me the apple of His eye.”
  • “God says before I was conceived in my mother’s womb He knew me!”


These are just a few affirmations you can speak upon yourself daily to interrupt the negative narrations going on in your mind about your looks or personality. As you speak those affirmations, something is going to shift inside of you and you will find yourself doing things that align with appreciating yourself. You will find yourself being more careful how you eat, how you speak, who you interact with, the content you allow your mind to consume, etc.


In other words, you will stop being your own worst enemy and become your own best friend. Best friends tell each other the truth even when it hurts. Best friends never let each other make stupid mistakes. Best friends won’t allow you to pass an opportunity they know is great for you. Best friends will tell you off the moment you start wallowing in self-pity when you think you have made a grave mistake. Best friends are people you can count on.


But Best friends are rare.

So be your own best friend first before you can seek friendship from others. Start by interrupting the negative narratives and conversations in your mind today.

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Be ignited. Be inspired. Be Influenced. Interrupt the negative narrative going on in your mind and become the best version of yourself you can ever be.




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