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I have learned....

June 27, 2012

Someone once said that you don’t need to be in class for you to learn a thing or two… how true this is! Lessons come our way every single day, regardless of where we are at, or who we are with at that precise moment. Question is, how often do we retain the lessons we learn?

It is with this question in mind that I have decided to write a post consolidating the lessons that have stood out for me especially since the beginning of this year, not just to share them with you but also as a way of ensuring I have documented them for future reference. Here goes ….

I have learnt that this is the only moment I have…. I cannot be sure of what the next minute holds for me. The best I can do is maximize on the time I have and be the best I can be NOW without really worrying what the next person thinks. This brings me to the next lesson.

I have learnt that no matter what I do or how I do it, I will never please everyone all the time.....Even God doesn’t, otherwise Bayern Munich would have won this season’s UEFA Cup considering that all pro-Man United fans were praying that they do…. (*hides under the table)*

I have learnt that I can’t control the weather, I can’t control the wild animals and I definitely can’t control YOU. The only person I have control over 100% is me. This means I can’t stop anyone from being a hater, but I can definitely stop myself from caring about their hating, which brings me to the next point.

I have learnt that being bitter and unforgiving about something someone has done to me is like drinking poison and expecting that person to die. Unforgiveness and bitterness can be equated to some kind of acid that corrodes the container in which it resides. I have to admit I have suffered and I am still suffering this corrosion in certain areas of my life.

I have learnt that people will come into ones life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Every person who comes into your life for a reason or a season will most definitely leave as soon as the mission intended for them is accomplished. Keep the memories and use the lessons they brought with them to your life.

I have learnt that every person on earth has a purpose to serve and a mission to accomplish (even if its only to drive you nutts or bring out the worst in you). At the end of the day, everything works for the best. A classic example is the role Judas Iscariot’s played in Jesus’ life. Need I say more?

I have learnt that though I will do the best I can in all my functions, appreciation is not always guaranteed, but I will still do my best anyway.

I have learnt that not everyone who smiles and laughs in your presence is your friend. They could be smiling because they have just gotten a new idea of how to frustrate you ….

I have learnt that happiness is a personal agenda. You cannot depend on someone else to make you happy because chances are likely that they are more unhappy than you are.

Last but not in any way the least, I have learnt that there are no mistakes in life. Just lessons.

I know this is not all I have learnt, neither is it the end of my learning experience, but these are the 10 lessons that have really stood out for me this year.

Would you care sharing what yours are?



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