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April 11, 2015

Envy. Jealousy. Bitterness. Anger. Hatred. These seem to be the constant “rulers” of the world we live in today. People being envious and jealous of your achievements, others being bitter and angry because according to them you got “easily” what they have been working so hard to get. As a result, the hatred that fills the hearts of many is so much and palpable that I think scientists and inventors should consider using it as a way of producing energy/ electricity. The world would never be in darkness ever again.

The most interesting thing is that this tendencies started long ago, long before Jesus’ time. Of course I wasn’t there then but from the books I’ve read, it is quite obvious that the love of power controls mankind. Considering that today is resurrection Sunday, please allow me to associate my message with the life Jesus Christ led while he was here on earth.

Why do you think “they” killed Jesus? Besides the fact that his death was pre-destined, besides the fact that it was already written that he would come and die for our sins (for those who believe), what actions actually led to the actual effecting of this destiny? What acted as a catalyst to his death?  Well I’d say all the above mentioned emotions.

For instance, the Pharisees were not amused of his achievements. For all the years they had been in church, they had never been able to heal anyone, and then this 33 year old Jesus comes into the picture and people with all kinds of sicknesses and challenges are restored. He even raised a few dead people. Of course these achievements were received with an equal measure of welcome and disgust by different camps. Those who believed in what he did welcomed the transformation he brought to the world and those who were against him, well, they took their hate to a whole new level. They ended up crucifying him.

Let’s take a step back and imagine how a day at the office was like for Jesus. Based on what we’ve read from the good book, if I was to bring him into the corporate world, I’d say He was more of a field guy- kinda like a sales person; you know, he was always out in the field talking to people, doing things for people and never had a chance to seat behind the desk like most of us do nowadays. He was always out there talking to people and telling them about the good news of the kingdom. He was selling the kingdom of God to them, only that there was no fee charged for this service. The fee was his own life.

Owing to his immense success at what he was doing, of course not everyone was happy with the results. This led to his betrayal and eventual death. He was betrayed by one of his very own people. Yeah, that is what greed and the love of power can do to people. They are ready to betray anyone for an extra inch of power. Just like the senseless killings we are seeing with the albinos now. Who in the world gave people the idea that sacrificing another human being can make you rich? What kind of backward thinking is that anyway? It is your hard work that pays and not killing someone else!

Just like trying to mess up someone else’s life is so juvenile and cowardly. We see it in offices every day, where those who are insecure and afraid of stepping out of their comfort zones use their energy to ruin those who have the ability to do something better than they can. What makes you think that by ruining that person, whatever is in their head or brain will be transferred to you? It doesn’t work that way. You need to put in the same amount of effort, the same amount of work, the same amount of sacrifice that person put in, so that you can get to where they are. Success does not come through osmosis my friends.

Trying to use all the possible ways in the evil book to ruin another person’s life will not make yours better, or remove the bitterness in your heart. But here’s how you can make yours better; how about being happy for your fellow human being and accepting that there are things they can be able to do that you will not because that is the gifting they have been given by God. How about making a decision to make yourself better instead of bittering yourself with things that you can avoid? How about seeking help and learning what you do not know instead of trying to make life hard and difficult for those that do know? Who said that someone else’s victory has to be your defeat?

Come on people! Get rid of that backward thinking and be progressive about life. This envy and jealousy is what is destroying the world today. This hatred and bitterness that is so deeply lodged inside people’s hearts is what is hurting the world today. Can’t we all live in peace and harmony with each other? Can’t we find a way of showing love instead of withdrawing it at every moment we get?

As we celebrate this wonderful day, as we commemorate this resurrection Sunday, let’s not forget why Jesus died on the cross for us ALL. He did not single out who should be saved and who shouldn’t. He made it an open decision for us all to decide which way we want to follow. Now that is what love is all about; letting everyone be who they are and even after they have wronged you, you still have the power to forgive them and continue loving them.

As for the victims of this jealousy and envy, please remember this; that people only rain on your parade because they are jealous of your sun and tired of their shade. Jealousy and envy is a sign of insecurity, a sign of weakness and a sign of obsession.

As for those who are perpetrators of jealousy, here’s my message to you; jealousy is a disease. Do get well soon.

And for the rest of us, as we celebrate Easter, let’s not forget that the whole essence of this day is to act as a reminder of God’s love for all mankind. This day marks the commemoration of the resurrection power. This power has the ability to restore your hurting hearts; it can renew your minds and your attitudes. And yes, it is available for all to tap into – for free.

I wish you God’s love today and always. May it ooze out of your pores and touch everyone around you.

PS: Article originally published in Tanzania's Guardian on Sunday on the 4th April, 2015, under my weekly column "Thoughts in Words"




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