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May 03, 2020



C For Control


If there is something I am finding hard to do during this interesting times we are living in, it is to not touch my face! I can almost bet that you too are having a similar challenge. Then of course there is that part where I decide to wear a mask even when in the house so that I don’t touch my face, then I forget to remove it as I'm are eating or drinking something and booom….accident.  Anyone experienced that?

The struggle for self-control is real, especially when you are told to STOP doing things you habitually do. You ask anyone who was ever addicted to smoking or alcohol. Ask them how it felt when they decided to go cold-turkey. I have never been an abuser of any substance but I can imagine that without supernatural help, abruptly stopping to do something you have been doing "addictedly" for years is not an easy move.

So, why have I chosen to speak about control instead of maybe Vitamin C? I’ll tell you why. Without self-control you will not be disciplined enough to even take that Vitamin C! But that is not the only reason why I've chosen C for control. It goes beyond that.

What am I encouraging you to take control of during this time?

  • Your thoughts – I have said it in my other two posts that negativity is dangerous especially during this time. Control your thoughts because they have the power to dictate how you respond to everything else around you. If you think you'll die guess what you will attract? Your thoughts will either cause you to panic or to stay calm.
  • Your words – that’s something else you need to control because as I have often said, your words create or destroy your world. If you keep sowing negative words, you will definitely reap a negative harvest. You will never reap what you never sowed.
  • Your Spending  - Just because you are not at work does not mean you go on a spending spree. Think twice before you spend money this season. If you spend money foolishly this time, you will regret it when it is too late. It there is a time you need to be frugal, this is that time.
  • Your eating – I think I should have started with this one. Just because you are at home doesn't mean you eat the whole house! Like my health coach often tells me, eat only when you are hungry, and even then, eat only what your body needs for that time, not what you want to give it. Learn to listen to your body, but that means having a relationship with your body first so you can understand its needs. Now that's a whole conversation for another day.
  • Your sleeping – since this whole corona drama started, how many hours a day have you been sleeping? What could you have done with those hours? Some people think that this is the time they get to recover all the hours they have been waking up early. My advice to you; bad idea. Remember, bad habits are easy to engage but hard to disengage from. Unless you are not intending to go back to work or business or school, take control of your sleeping hours.
  • Your actions – I know right now your kids might be driving you nuts, not forgetting the element of your spouse too - probably this is the first time you are spending so much time with your spouse since you got married 14 years ago..... And then there is the house help who you are now getting to notice his/her many "flaws" now that you have been spending more time with them. What you do at this time might have multiple repercussions in days to come. Be proactive, not reactive. Be careful.
  • Your …… [insert your own here]

What other things do you think you need to control? Put a list of all those things and then work on them like your life depends on it. Why? Because it actually does!


Listen to my podcast on C for Control here.


Be ignited. Be inspired. Be influenced. Become the best version of yourself you can ever be.



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