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May 02, 2020
B For Believe.
Believing is the act of accepting that something is true even in the absence of proof.
For instance, I am sure you do believe there is something called air, right? Good. Now, have you ever seen air with your own naked eyes? I guess not because even I have never seen air but I know I breath air every second of my life to stay alive. Imagine what would happen if you decided not to breath because you can’t see what you are breathing.


During this trying period there are many people doubting themselves because of the things they are witnessing happening right before their own eyes. It is true that whole industries have collapsed like in the case of airline, tourism and even hospitality industries to some extent. And these are not the only industries affected but many others too will join them. It is difficult to see how one can bounce back from this especially considering there is no clear solution in sight. 

That is why you need to believe! 

You need to believe that despite everything going on around you there is still hope for a future. Even though things will never be normal again, there is a new normal that will be set and you can choose to believe that you will still be alive even then.  But for you to Believe, there is what you have to BE in order to LIVE.

I have chosen to break the word believe into two words i.e. BE and LIEVE. I then dropped the E and was left with LIVE. That's why I am sayint that for you to believe, there is what you must BE to LIVE.

What are some of the things you must BE?

  • BE hopeful. Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. 
  • BE prepared. Like the saying goes, “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”
  • BE calm. One of the best lessons you can learn is to master how to remain calm in the midst of a raging storm, or to contextualize this, in the middle of this corona pandemic. A calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence – two major requirements for one to be emotional healthy. And speaking of healthy….
  • Be Healthy. Mental health, physical health, emotional health, financial health and especially spiritual health. When you are centered spiritually, everything else will align.
  • Be Kind. Kindness costs nothing but the dividends it pays you are massive. What I have personally discovered is that when I am low or down for whatever reason, the moment I do something good for someone else expecting nothing in return, that completely lifts up my spirit!
  • Be creative. Find ways of doing things differently in order to accomplish the same results e.g. home workouts instead of the gym.
  • Be [insert your own word here]


The BEs can be as many as you want, but I BELIEVE you’ve gotten my point. You can never achieve all the above BEs and remain the same. Choose your BEs and they will help you stay ALIVE

You can listen to my podcast on B for Believe by clicking here.



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