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#52BooksIn52Weeks2018 Challenge - January Reads

January 03, 2018

One of the ways of ensuring you have a more productive year than the previous year is by reading as many books as possible. Books are not only a rich source of knowledge but also for inspiration and motivation. You might be going through a tough time in your life but when you read a certain book, the character in that book resonates with your situation, causing you to feel strangely calm and hopeful that if the character was able to turn his life around, then you too can. I know this from experience because it has happened to me several times.

Many times I have read and heard that the most successfull people in the world read 3 books a week! That's 156 books a year! It is not a wonder then that they are the most successful people in the world. In my own small way I have decided to read as many books as possible this year by reading a book a week and where possible even two. I decided to extend this challenge to other people out there such as you reading this. 

Watch this clip for details on how we are going to be doing this, and the books I have recommended for January, and why those specific books.

Share the video with others in your network and use the hashtag #52BooksIn52Weeks2018 so we can all be able to follow what is going on via social media.

Enjoy the books.



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