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Your Uniqueness is your Strength

Ever heard or read this version of Story of the Five Fingers? 

One day, Sir. Middle came to the realization that Mr.Thumb was different from the rest of them. He quickly whispered to Ms.Ring and Mrs. Index to exclude Mr. Thumb from their group because he was shorter, fatter, and he lived far away from all of them. 

While Ms. Ring and Mrs. Index agreed with Sir. Middle to exclude Mr.Thumb, Miss.Pinkie felt very uncomfortable. But because she didn't want to be excluded herself, she decided to go along with it and exclude Mr.Thumb. 

When Mr.Thumb came along to play with them, Sir. Middle quickly rejected him saying, "Mr.Thumb, you can't play with us. We don't want to be your friends anymore.” "But why?" Asks Mr. Thumb with a sadness in his voice. "Well, because you aren't like us. You are short, fat and ugly, and you live so far away!" replied Ms.Ring. "But...But...Mrs. Index, we were so close! And I love you guys..." said Mr. Thumb. "No, you have to leave us alone" said Mrs. Index. 

Mr. Thumb was very sad but didn't know what to do so he went home crying. 

The four fingers tried to do so many things like chop carrots, use chopsticks to eat noodles, etc but they realized they couldn’t. Tired, hungry and now frustrated, the four fingers started to think that they might have made a mistake. Were they really better off without Mr.Thumb? Did they do the right thing to exclude him? After all, they couldn't do all the things they wanted to without him.

They realized that even though Mr.Thumb was different from them he played a very important role in their friendship. They quickly learned that everyone is special and important. They should never be unkind to anyone because they are different. 

Finally, accepting that they had made a big mistake, the four fingers went over to Mr.Thumb to apologize and invite him back to play with them.

Moral of the story: your uniqueness is your strength.

Embrace who you are and fulfill the purpose you were born to fulfill. You don’t have to look like the rest; everything you need to achieve your purpose is inside you. The rest is just a cover/container/casing that houses the real you.

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