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How To Stop Procrastination

This week I’d like us to address the issue of PROCRASTINATION.

We are in the 11th month of the year and someone is probably asking themselves where the other 10 months went because they are yet to achieve anything from the 2017 To-Do List they had created on 31st December 2016. 

Well, here’s a likely answer; The good looking, tall, dark chocolate, lean and handsome dude called PROCRASTINATION subtly stole your time while he was busy convincing you to ignore the unpleasant but very important tasks in favor of those easier and enjoyable tasks.

At first, it doesn’t seem like it might have any serious repercussions but once you realize time is gone, then all manner of negative emotions start flying all over; panic, guilt, shame, despair, stress, etc.

Why do you get attacked by all these emotions? Because procrastination leads to lack of productivity.

Question now becomes, is it possible to stop procrastination?

Yes it is. How? Here are a few steps…

  1. Recognize that you are procrastinating. (e.g. when you fill your day with low-priority tasks, or start a high priority tasks then leave it halfway for something else, wait to be in the right mood to do something important, etc.) 
  2. Find out why you are procrastinating (maybe because you are poor at organizing your schedule, fear of failure or even success, probably it is a boring and monotonous task, etc). Whatever the reason, bottom line is that you still have to do what needs to be done so the sooner you get it out of the way the better!
  3. Find ways of overcoming your procrastination tendencies (e.g. Commit yourself to performing a certain task and not doing anything else until it is done, promise yourself a reward for completing the task, get an accountability partner to ensure you stick to the plan, start with the toughest task, or when you are at your peak, do things as they come so you don’t have piled up issues pending your attention, etc).

These are just a few strategies of overcoming procrastination. Check out my Instagram or Facebook pages to read more on this.

In the meantime, if you missed the article I wrote for The Guardian On Sunday for the week starting 5th November 2017, you can read it here. It was all about procrastination and how a guy called Bill was able to overcome it. 

Be Ignited. Be Inspired. Be Influenced. Become the best version of yourself you can ever be.

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