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Action Vs Words

Once upon a time there were five monkeys who lived together for a very long time. Each morning they would wake up and go up a tree that was close by, with a bunch of bananas to feed on for the day. Each evening they would go down the tree to rest for the night, and start the same process the next day. Though they lived in a very big forest, all they were familiar with was the tree they spent their day on top of and its immediate surroundings, where they slept at night.

One day one of them asked his mates, "we have been doing this for a long time, following the same monotonous and repetitive schedule like clockwork every day. All we have managed to do is grow fat physically but thin mentally. Is this all life is about? Is this all we were created to do?"

The other four were silent for a few minutes, obviously thinking hard about what their mate had said. Finally one of them said, "it is true we have not done anything worth talking about all our life. I think it's time we left this tree and explored other parts of this forest".

The first monkey, together with the youngest of them all agreed with the one who had responded. In total, three monkeys unanimously thought and agreed that it was time to leave the tree. Unfortunately that's all they did; THINK. They did not ACT on their thoughts.

Many of us are like these monkeys. We have great ideas, great thoughts, great potential but all we do is think and not ACT. In order to be progressive, we need great ideas followed by deliberate actions. Like someone said, most of the problems in life are because of two reasons:

  1. We act without THINKING, or
  2. We keep thinking without ACTING.

Question to you is, are you any different from these five monkeys? Only you can answer that question.

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